Bamboo-zled – The Rise of Clean & Green Promotional Products

Bamboo-zled – The Rise of Clean & Green Promotional Products

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<p>The trend towards sustainable living continues to gain momentum, and pressure for companies and brands to showcase their eco credentials means there’s been a sharp rise in demand for kinder, green promotional gifts.</p></p>

The recognition of the excellent properties of bamboo is ensuring that it’s fast becoming a renewable resource at the top of the branded merchandise eco-gift list.      

Bamboo – The Basics

First a rudimentary lesson in bamboo. One of the world’s fastest-growing plants, reaching maturity in three to five years, it can be harvested without causing any damage to the plant. It’s naturally prolific and pest resilient, removing the need for the use of harsh pesticides and fertilisers. This makes bamboo a much more attractive proposition than cotton and timber.

Bamboo is also biodegradable, so disposing of products made from bamboo equals a reduced impact on the environment. Of course, this depends on the composition of the product and the closer to 100% bamboo clearly the better.

Clean & Green Gifts

You only need to run a cursory Google search to witness the rise of this gift genre. Dedicated web stores and online gift boutiques offer anything from the everyday drinking flasks, sandwich boxes and cutlery to clothing, shoes and even desktop keyboards and Bluetooth speakers.

The options are almost as prolific as the plant itself.

Corporate Responsibility

The benefits of greener promotional products go way beyond the immediate pleasure and intrigue of the recipient. An eco-friendly gift with purchase allows brands to visibly demonstrate their commitment to the environment. It also offers a compelling and intriguing back story with positive PR potential for the individual campaign, and the company.

Built to Last

The dense fibres of the bamboo plant make it an ideal material to craft high-quality and durable promotional items with longevity. Entry level items like bamboo tote bags and bamboo pens offer cost-effective options with high functional appeal and it’s good to know they’ll last way beyond the marketing campaign or event giveaway.

So, as we head towards the end of 2019, ask yourself how conscious your marketing programmes are? Does your strategy encompass at least an element of eco-friendly activity? Could you be doing more to demonstrate your CSR credentials?

It’s easier than you might think to incorporate sustainability into your marketing merchandise and promotional products campaigns.

We’d be happy to cut the wheat from the chaff for you and pave the way to a greener 2020.

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