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Top Ten Branded Travel Products

Travel is back on the cards and not a minute sooner. The easing of testing restrictions on the first weekend in January 2022 resulted in record bookings and the moniker Sunshine Saturday.

With holiday plans looking more positive than ever, it’s time to take a look at the best promotional products for getaways, weekend breaks and long-haul travel.

Whether it’s a much-needed vacation or back-to-business commuting, we’ve compiled an edit of our top ten accessories for plain sailing and turbulence-free travel. Branded travel items are great webstore staples and make the perfect corporate gift for clients and customers.

Add personalisation for the ultimate in premium travel products and make sure your customers travel in first-class style.

Power Bank and smart phone

Power Bank

Staying connected is crucial when you’re on the move but plugging your mobile phone into the mains isn’t always an option. Keep your smartphone and other electronics charged with a portable power pack. Choose from slimline power banks, high-capacity battery packs and compact portable chargers. LED display power banks will keep you updated on power capacity or perhaps you’ll opt for wireless charging or a power bank with built-in charging cables.

Branded power banks keep your company or product top of mind and since they’re such a utilitarian gadget, you’ll likely reap the benefit of the halo effect.

inflatable neck pillow

Neck pillow

Struggling to get into a comfortable position or avoiding folding into the person sitting next to you are common travel pitfalls to avoid. A simple travel neck pillow can make all the difference. Cushioned, plush neck pillows offer the best comfort, but they do take up essential space in hand luggage. Inflatable neck pillows can offer a space-saving alternative and can be customised with logos and print for instant brand recall.

Luggage Tags

Luggage Tag

If you value your belongings, don’t leave home without a luggage tag or two. Luggage tags come in all shapes, sizes and textiles but can make the world of difference in identifying your suitcase quickly and easily at the airport carousel. Premium luggage tags can also elevate your baggage to first-class status. Monogrammed leather luggage tags make classic, upscale gifts and can be presented in luxurious presentation boxes with complimentary luggage accessories like passport wallets and document holders.

Universal Adapter

Universal power adapter

All-in-one universal travel power adapters make international travel a breeze. Opt for cube travel adapters with USB ports for maximum efficiency and save space in your carry-on for duty-free and other essentials. Most universal travel adapters cover more than 150 countries and include USB and Type C ports.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes

Keep your suitcase in check with super-convenient packing cubes to compartmentalise your clothes, personal belongings and gadgets. Think of packing cubes as your new travel buddy, mobile closet or wardrobe. Packing cubes in many different guises. Transparent pu packing cubes allow you to see your belongings quickly and easily but if you prefer a little discretion you can opt for printed packing cubes with labels to denote shoes, laundry, t-shirts and other items.


In-ear wireless pods

In-ear headphones are an absolute necessity for travel. Tune in to your music, listen to podcasts on the go or use them for maximum convenience to answer mobile calls while you carry your luggage. Promotional earbud headphones can be printed and presented in a customised case for added impact. They’re compact so can be easily mailed out to clients but are also perfect for events and expos.

Oracle Charger

Multi charging cables

Why take many cables when you can take a portable multi-charging device. Our branded multi-cable accessories come with lighting, micro-USB, Type-C and USB cables and can be personalised with brand logos.  LED branded multi charging cables can help put your brand logo in lights when in use, illuminating your logo on one side.

Packing List

Packing list

Ever packed your suitcase only to question whether you’ve included everything you really need? That’s when you need a pad of tear-off packing lists. Add a motivational note and some custom branding and you’ll be remembered for ensuring all your home comforts and clothes accompany you on your travels


Passport Holder

Nothing says premium travel quite like a snug overcoat for your faithful passport. We can create printed custom passport holders in leatherette, PU or quality leather and emboss with business logos and company slogans. We can also monogram passport holders for executive corporate gifting.

sleep eye mask - Giftpoint

Sleep Mask

Different time zones and alien hotel rooms can wreak havoc with your sleep patterns. Pack a blackout eye mask and make sure you optimise your sleep. Travel sleep masks can be made in any fabric to suit your budget. Mulberry silk eye masks make a wonderful premium branded gift and can be embroidered or monogrammed. Give a branded eye mask and simultaneously give the gift of sleep. That’s memorable marketing!

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