Corporate Swag Packs and Boxes

Corporate Swag Packs and Boxes

Amplify your Swag packs and boxes. Giftpoint develop convenient swag packs designed to perfection and to tell your story! Begin building meaningful relationships and deliver a warm welcome with our Swag packs. Creating outstanding first impressions, your clients feel special and hugely impressed.

Giftpoint produces any merchandising for you - swag packs and boxes

Create unforgettable swag, packaged impeccably and leave a lasting impression. We, at Giftpoint, have done all the hard work for you in carefully curating a collection of items the the highest quality. All you need to do is choose your branding swag, we’ll send you a preview of your new corporate swag pack and boxes; once approved by you, you get a fully custom swag pack ready to be sent out to you!

We have made creating your very own personalised corporate Swag packs and boxes extremely easy and fast for you; aswell as offering our expert guidence along the way. Here are the very few steps to follow before receiveing yout bespoke swag pack and/or box;

  • Pick the swag you want
  • Upload you logo with your order and we do the rest!
  • View mock-ups created by our team based on your personal selection on how you want your swag to look.
  • Once you are happy with the mock-ups, you approve the designs and we get started with your order.

When it comes to Swag packs and boxing, you can put your full trust in Giftpoint. A brand who has worked in the promotions items and branded gifts sector for nearly 30 years. A brand which is set apart from others with their agency-like structure and ability to design, personalise and inspire!

London office for Giftpoint

Ensuring fast communication and response; with offices in London, Shanghai and Bulgaria. Working with amazing experts in the fields with up-to-date technology and customer care. Offering bespoke product ideas and concept guidance. We know what’s best for you and your business to thrive when it comes to promotional swag packs, swag boxes and other promotional items.

Jack Daniels- a good client for giftpoint

When personalising your swag packs and swag boxing, you add value to When personalising your swag packs and swag boxing, you add value to your promotional item, branded gifts, corporate merchandise and eco promotional merchandise. Giftpoint is the best of the best when it comes to customer care and providing quality, value for money and innovation. Some of Giftpoint’s clients are Jack Daniels, Pfizer and L’oreal. Giftpoint work with huge brands and deliver excellence; guaranteeing you can put your trust in this world-wide brand.

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