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Whatever your return to work looks like,
we’ll help give you the peace of mind and confidence you need.

Giftpoint is proactively planning what the “new normal” will look like to help our clients navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is a collection of available PPE items, virtual resources, and more to help your staff and you during this time. Click here to see our gallery of COVID-19 products.

This page will be frequently updated to keep you informed.

Direct Mail Kits

Cancelled event? Working from home? Don’t let these changes stop you from making real connections with your clients & employees. Deliver a tangible reminder of your presence & brand with branded meeting solutions. Create custom care-kits for virtual meetings, care & wellness packages and working from home kits. Welcome returning employees, customers and visitors back to the office with the ‘new normal’ branded kits and new hire kits!

We can help you to create bespoke branded box sets with tailored product selections complete with your branding and logos.
What story do you want to tell? Let us know and we’ll help you tell it.

Browse examples of boxed sets in our gallery here

Face Masks

With social distancing parameters reducing, the government now recommends that everyone wear non-medical masks and reserve the N95 grade for the medical community.

Giftpoint has a large selection of face protection products available including washable, reusable, disposable, custom printed masks, promotional and branded face masks. We also hold stock of filter inserts compatible with most reusable face shields

We hold some items in stock with personalisation and speedy delivery options.

Get in touch now to find out the best option to suit your needs: [email protected]

Back-To-Work Essentials

Social distancing and personal safety are now the ‘new normal’ with many of us already returning to offices and places of work.

Reduce anxiety levels and boost your attendance levels by ensuring your workforce is well-equipped and assured about their return to work. Make sure your employees feel safe with our Back To Work Essentials range including personal hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes, reusable drinks bottles, no-touch keys and personal stationery items.

Get in touch today to find out more and pre-order your items.
[email protected]

A Smart Reopening: Back To Work

Are you prepared for a return to business? As some businesses start to re-open, the health and safety of their employees and customers must remain a top priority. Personal protective equipment will be essential in and out of the workplace for the foreseeable future.

Talk to us now about tools for restarting retail, facilities and operations.
[email protected]

Giftpoint – keeping you safe

How we’ve been helping communities during COVID-19

  • We’ve donated thousands of masks to local surgeries and care homes
  • We’ve gifted a large consignment of protective face coverings and PPE kit to The Royal British Legion
  • We’ve joined forces with Southport’s All White Taxis to distribute food parcels and essentials to key workers and the vulnerable
  • We’ve supported our own staff working from home with regular deliveries of PPE


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