Does anyone have a charger?
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Does anyone have a charger?


If I had a charger for every time someone asked me if I had a charger I could set up a promotional agency selling chargers! Now there’s an idea.

It’s not unusual these days for individuals to have multiple tech gadgets requiring a multitude of different chargers and leads but it’s not always practical to carry around a plug-in-the-wall lead for every one of them nor is there always a power source within easy reach.

Perhaps that explains the phenomenal increase in the popularity of power banks and generic charging devices in recent years.

Just think for a minute about the sheer amount of tech we carry around day to day – mobile phones, e-readers, music devices, laptops and tablets to name but a few.

Whether it’s for travel, work or play we have become reliant on our tech and without it we feel disconnected, even bereft. How often have you been caught short on the daily commute and struggled to comprehend the journey without your smartphone, Headspace app or e-book?

Thankfully the rise of powerbanks and multi-chargers has brought down unit prices, resulting in a cost-effective way to provide a useful promotional product with longevity and huge branding clout. Imagine the halo effect of promotional technology that comes to the rescue of the recipient on a daily, sometimes more frequent, basis. Now there’s a good way to seamlessly punctuate your target consumer’s life in a meaningful and positive way, ensuring they stay connected on-the-go.

The options are endless and all can be customised with logo’s and messaging relevant to your brand, product or campaign. Think powerbanks, octopus-style multiple adaptors, wireless docks and charging stations and USB-C compatible devices for laptops.

Charging devices can be used to great effect at mass participation events and are the perfect gift at business conferences, summits and for business to business client gifts. They’ve become a staple of the corporate webstore allowing staff an immediate off-the-shelf gift for clients and colleagues, regardless of status or gender.

At a time when technology is such an integral part of our lives, reliable and flexible charging cables and chargers have never been more valued as a promotional product.

Now, where’s my charger?

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