A Clearer Outlook for PPE Face Masks
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A Clearer Outlook for PPE Face Masks

The rules governing safety during the continued Coronavirus Pandemic continue to fluctuate in tandem with the graphs documenting infection rates. What doesn’t look set to change anytime soon is the fact that protective face coverings and face shields are mandatory pretty much anywhere in public. Unless you are medically exempt and carrying a lanyard or identifier that this is the case, now is the time to find the face mask or covering that you feel most comfortable with.

As a major UK PPE supplier, we’ve seen huge demand for all variants of face coverings, but there is a growing trend towards protective face visor and face shields. No doubt this is in part because we’ve been living with Covid-19 for over six months and have realised how difficult standard nose and mouth face masks can be to wear.

Full-Face Visors

Clear face shields and protective visors have become popular for many reasons. Spectacle wearers will know only too well the challenge that wearing a mask brings. Constantly steamed-up glasses and poor visibility are top of the list but the need to touch your face to demist your glasses is likely to increase your chances of spreading the virus from your hands to your face.

A glasses-mounted clear face visor or clear face shield can be placed over prescription glasses or sunglasses, significantly eliminating poor visibility and removing the need to readjust the mask continually.

The face shield visor is also proving a hit with sufferers of respiratory diseases and claustrophobia or for people relying on visual communication, lip-reading and sign language.

Improved Comfort

A glasses-mounted face visor offers increased levels of comfort. The Perspex glasses and clear face shield are manufactured from lightweight materials, making them very easy to wear. Headband mounted visors can cause irritation after long periods of wear, causing itching and pressure headaches. The Ubervisor protective face shield is comfortable to wear and helps maintain high standards of presentation by keeping groomed hair in place.

Full-Face Visors for Service Industries

Clear face shield visors are the perfect choice for employees working in service sectors. Hairdressers, hospitality and catering staff, beauticians and retail staff clearly need to wear protective face shields for long periods of times, so the increased airflow to the face, as well as greater visibility of expressions for customer service, are welcomed.

Branded PPE and Personalised Face Shield Visors

Our Ubervisor full-face visor has become the preferred choice of businesses and organisations who wish to brand their protective PPE. The clear shield of the visor provides the perfect vehicle for a one-colour print. Equipping your employees and teams with branded face visors normalises PPE to an extent, making it feel like an additional part of your uniform. Branded face shields look professional, and since they are directly in the line of vision, it means your brand cannot fail to be seen by your customers and clients.

Clear Visors Clean Easily

It seems reasonably clear that mandatory face masks will be with us for some time to come with some experts predicting that this could be our new normal until at least the end of 2021. Disposable masks can be costly and if not disposed of responsibly, a threat to our environment. Washable face masks and filters need to be cleaned regularly, and for those needing to wear them constantly, and for long periods, this may not be practical.

A significant advantage of the full-face visor is that it can be sanitised quickly, easily and regularly. The clear protective shield can simply be cleaned with sanitiser or wipes and is ready to wear again immediately.

Protect Your Employees

Keeping trade moving during these difficult times is a significant concern for many businesses. The optimum way to ensure your staff feel safe and confident is to ensure that they have adequate PPE supplies. We offer attractive discounts for bulk orders of face visors and have a sizeable quantity in stock now for immediate dispatch.

For those who would like additional protection, the protective clear face visor can be worn in conjunction with disposable 3-ply face masks.

PPE Orders and Demand

As the pandemic continues to gain momentum again after the easing of lockdown, it is crucial to ensure that you and your teams have enough PPE supplies to protect your staff, customers and the wider community. Supermarkets are already beginning to see panic buying, and we have started to witness an increase in PPE orders in line with this consumer behaviour. We have a large stock of full-face visors and protective face shields and can turn around branding and customisation quickly. However, it is advisable to ensure that you do not delay and ensure that you have adequate branded face visors for your employees.

Easy to Assemble

The Ubervisor face shield arrives as two pieces; a pair of one-size-fits-all Perspex glasses and a clear visor. The visor is simply secured into place by two rubber grommets on the arms of the spectacles. There is a protective film on both sides of the face shield that must be removed before wearing.

Government Advice

Wearing a face shield is primarily intended to protect others rather than the wearer, so government advice is to observe social distancing guidelines still and to wash hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. You should sanitise your face shield visor and glasses after every wear and at regular intervals between, particularly if you touch the clear face shield while you are wearing it. Failure to wear a protective face covering or face visor in designated public spaces can result in a fine, so it’s useful to ensure you always have your face shield with you at all times.

Product Reviews

If you are still trying to decide if a full face shield is the right protection for you, you may find it useful to hear what customers and companies think of the Ubervisor clear face visor.

"After months of wearing a nose and mouth mask, I feel so liberated to be able to breathe more easily. I love my Ubervisor face shield. It’s lightweight and really comfortable, which makes wearing it for long periods much more manageable."

"We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our offices are COVID-safe, but we were finding communication quite tricky with standard face masks. The staff much prefer wearing their clear visor face shields. It’s brought a sense of normality back to business in these uncertain times, and it’s great that we’ve been able to brand the clear visors with a custom-printed logo. I would thoroughly recommend the Ubervisor to other businesses."

"If you wear glasses, you need an Ubervisor full-face shield! I was so tired of my glasses always steaming up. Constantly touching my face to defog my glasses probably negated wearing a face-covering altogether. Now I can just pop my Ubervisor face shield over my prescription glasses, and the anti-fog visor means I have perfect vision."

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