Promotional Merchandise
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Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise or promotional products are items given away by a company with their logo on them. This is very popular marketing exposure that’s used by both large and small organisations around the world to grow their brand as well as staying competitive on the market. Studies have shown that promotional products and branded merchandise offer many benefits over other forms of advertising.

Bottle- example of branded merchandise by Giftpoint

Here are just a few reasons why promotional products are so popular and widely used to promote brands and businesses-


Promotional products that customers like and find useful are likely used regularly. This means a longer exposure of the brand and logo. This way, compared to a magazine advert which might be looked at for a glimpse, is a much more effective way or getting brand exposure and is preferred by many big and small brands. So, for a promotional gift, strive for the product to be useful above all else to get the exposure you need to grow your business.


When it comes to marketing and advertising, cost can be a huge factor for businesses. All marketers must consider the return on investment of their advertising endeavours. Promotional products are considered to be a cost-effective advertising tool and are considered to have a good return on investment. When we compare this way to TV advertising, it is obvious to say that promotional merchandise is the significantly lower cost option.

homepride measuring spoons - branded by Giftpoint

Brand Exposure-

Promotional merchandise is a physical product that stands out in the digital advertising world. They generate many impressions and have fantastic brand recall. Everyone loves free stuff, making them great for generating goodwill and attracting attention and talk amongst customers and potential customers. A printed name on a valued gift will imprint that name on a customer’s thoughts; making this extremely effective and generating huge brand exposure.

Rewarding Customer Loyalty-

These promotional gifts can also be used to thank loyal customers and help cement the relationship between brand and customer. It has been proved that customers who receive rewards and gifts from given brands are much more likely to continue doing business with those brands and tell their friends about their new “favourite” brand which they receive promotional products from.

These are just a few of the many reasons why branded merchandising is considered such an integral part of the marketing mix.

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