Promotional Products To Survive Lockdown 2.0
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Promotional Products To Survive Lockdown 2.0







Lockdown Products You Cant Survive Without

We were promised it wouldn’t happen so when Boris announced England’s return to lockdown on 5th November the quest for family packs of loo roll and catering bags of rice ensued. Thankfully this time the rules are slightly less stringent and the supermarkets better stocked.  We’ve had a trial run at lockdown life, so we know what to expect. What is different this time around is that the seasons have changed, and the nights are drawing in earlier. This means even more time at home and an even greater need to preserve the mental health of the nation.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite promotional products to help navigate lockdown part two. We’ve included the obvious practical personal protective equipment and remote working essentials, but we’ve also scoured the promotional products industry and beyond for great gift ideas and innovative products for care packages and employee appreciation boxes.

Enjoy the read and keep safe!


The Gift of Sleep

The pandemic is playing havoc with our sleep.  Whether driven by anxiety about money, furlough or the pandemic itself or a result of a change in our rhythms, we’re losing sleep. Mind, the charity for better mental health, has some practical but proven tips to combat insomnia

Meanwhile, here are some memorable sleep-oriented gifts that could be a gamechanger for your clients, employees and co-workers (and you, of course!).

Eye Masks

sleep eye mask
Luxury Eye Masks for Improved Sleep

Promotional eye masks are great as part of a themed gift box strategy but also represent an easy-to-post lightweight item on their own. They range from the inexpensive cotton masks to silk, essential-oil infused sleep masks. You could even personalise with a company logo, name or suitably sleepy slogan!



Luxury Branded Candle 

Luxury Branded Candles for Relaxing Moments

A soothing candle can go a long way to aid relaxation pre slumber. Custom printed candles represent a cost-effective way to make a positive impact and are typically kept in the home for many weeks. This means your gesture, brand and presence is reinforced in the mind of the recipient for a prolonged time. We can create bespoke candles for you or manage the fulfilment of branded candles in our comprehensive mailout service. One of our personal favourites? This Works’ Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle. Pure bliss!


Silk Pillows

Silk Pillow
Say goodbye to bed head with silk pillowcases

Now here’s the perfect sleep gift with beauty benefits. It’s at the pricier end of the branded merchandise spectrum, but it’s soooo perfect for VIP clients and gift with purchase for high ticket items. Among its benefits are fewer bad hair days, more hydrated skin and fewer wrinkles. Don’t believe us? See what the authority on products, Good Housekeeping, has to say.

Personalise your pillow for even more impact!


Office Life

Whether you are working remotely or in a Covid-safe office or building, these stationery staples, desk gadgets, office attire and apparel products are sure to brighten up the working day.

Luxury Branded Bathrobes

luxury dressing gown
The Gift of Style

Ok, maybe this one seems a little leftfield at first glance, but with many still working remotely, the usual office attire is a bit redundant right now. There’s a theory that you should get dressed for the office just as you would if you were commuting. However, we’re willing to bet, that for some, the dressing gown is a go-to for at least the early part of the working day. Well, here’s the thing. A custom, monogrammed bathrobe is the next best thing to being suited and booted. Made from luxurious Egyptian cotton and in a range of sophisticated styles and colourways, Bown of London bathrobes and dressing gowns also make great gifts for corporate clients. We offer discounts on bulk orders with corporate branding included. Check out the range here

Desk Mugs

personalised desk mug
Brighten Up The Office With Branded Mugs

It’s a branded merchandise staple, but its popularity never seems to wane. Perhaps it’s because promotional mugs are a quick, easy and relatively cost-effective way to reach a large number of clients or customers at once. What’s more, your logo and messaging hang around for a long time. A dedicated desk mug is a must-have right now. Sharing is caring but not when it comes to drinkware and mugs. Let us manage a promotional mug mailout campaign for you. We can turn it around fast and mail out a branded mug in your corporate colours complete with a presentation box and accompanying newsletter, mailshot or care card.

Antibacterial Pens

Antibacterial Barrel Pen
Say Goodbye To Bacteria With Antibacterial Pens

We’ve processed a lot of pen orders in our time, but this is a new one for us. Perfect for office environments, the barrel has an antibacterial treatment that prevents bacteria from colonising the pen. So even though you should be only using your own stationery, you can rest safe if Melissa from accounts picks up your pen by mistake!

Webcam Cover

Webcam Privacy Cover
Protect Your Privacy With Webcam Covers

Privacy covers have seen a resurgence in popularity now the office has shifted to the home. It’s a simple little device, but the humble webcam protector can help you preserve your privacy with a simple slide of the finger.


PPE & Personal Protection

It’s old hat now but as crucial as ever.  Wash your hands and wear your mask. Repeat (several times a day). Now, maybe you’ve got into the groove with your disposable 3-ply face mask, or perhaps you’ve ventured out and gone all clear protective face shield? Whichever face cover is your poison maybe it’s time for a PPE overhaul? Let’s face it; protective face masks have developed a fashion category all of their own. And why stick to plain old hand sanistiser when you can go eco and opt for a fruity little number that’s helping preserve our planet. Check out our fave PPE promotional products below.

Orange Peel Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray (80% alcohol)

orange peel hand sanitiser
Spritz The Bugs Away With Fruity Hand Sanitiser

We featured this little beauty by the Interall Group recently on our Instagram feed. It does the same job as your generic hand sanitiser, but it’s a welcome relief from the varying gloops and smells we’ve become accustomed to at the supermarket. Made using oils from discarded orange peel, this hand sanitiser spray smells divine and is kind to our environment.

Of course, we still offer the full range of standard hand sanitisers and antibacterial wipes in many different size options.

Reusable Coffee Keep Cup

Broomfield Keep Cup Coffee Cup
Reusable Coffee Cups for The Fake Commute

Missing your daily pitstop at Starbucks? The pandemic has spawned a new concept called the Fake Commute. It’s a simple way of adding structure to your day by encompassing some of your regular commuting habits. Send your staff a branded keep cup and encourage them to grab a coffee on their commute from the bedroom to lounge, kitchen or the garden office. We can brand reusable cups with names, slogans and company logos, and there’s a vast range of reusable drinkware options to choose from.

No-Touch Key

Covid Key
Kick Your PPE Into Touch With a Covid Key

This handy little promotional product has been around for a while, but it’s had something of a makeover since the pandemic. It’s now affectionately known as the Covid Key and is a lightweight and portable device that allows you to touch surfaces without contact.

It’s a particularly good product for employees back in the workplace and can be customised with your corporate branding. Use it to touch screens, lift buttons and push doors, but also good for hooking and pulling so perfect for that end of day beer!

Protective Face Masks

Reusable and washable filters, clear face shield visors, 3-ply masks and medical-grade quality masks. We can facilitate large PPE orders with direct to premises delivery, and we have an in-house print facility for bespoke branding and custom printing. Your mask, your way? You got it!

Clear Face Shield Visors
Get A Clearer View With Protective Face Shield Visors


Wellbeing & Mental Health

Gratitude Journals

Gratitude Journal
Start And End The Day On A Positive Note

Starting and ending the day with some consideration for the good in our lives can improve mindsets and, in turn, productivity. A gratitude journal makes a great and thoughtful gift, and due to its transformative nature, it can yield positive feelings about your company or brand.

Colouring Books

Colouring Books
Colour Me Happy!

Stress relief colouring books are an inexpensive gift, providing a much-needed respite from deskbound duties and the monotony of the home office day-to-day. We can source off-the-shelf options, but we also offer custom made colouring books to incorporate themes that suit your brand or industry.

Yoga Mats & Accessories

Yoga sets
Yogic Vibes for Optimum Productivity

Gyms may be closed and the weather less clement for walking, but yoga is well within everyone’s reach. Put your stamp on downward dogs and sun salutations with a branded yoga mat and accessories. Mindfulness promotional gifts work wonders for your brand. If you can change the outlook of someone’s day, there’s a good chance you’ll stay top of mind.

Bespoke and Custom Gifts

Care Packages
Leave a Lasting Impression With A Custom Care Package

For now, the world has changed beyond recognition. We’ve lost something of the personal touch, and despite communications on Slack, Microsoft, Teams and Skype, many of us are inhabiting our own little bubbles.

We’ve seen a massive demand for bespoke care packages and custom box sets in recent months. Whether it’s for employees working remotely, clients, customers or corporate contacts, we can help you curate the perfect gift box set. We can theme your care package, present you with a range of carefully selected products and even customise your gifts with bespoke print, ribbon and messaging. Our in-house fulfilment and distribution team can also facilitate the mailout for you.

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