Spotlight On Hanna-Rosie

Spotlight On Hanna-Rosie


Ever wondered what it might be like to work at a leading branding merchandise and promotional solutions agency? Wonder no more. We catch up with Hanna-Rosie Stockhill, Account Manager extraordinaire and get the low down on her career to date

How long have you been at Giftpoint?
I joined the company in 2015 and will be celebrating my 3-year work anniversary in October

Life before Giftpoint?
I was a buyer’s assistant for a perfume distributor. I’d always been drawn to buying but I discovered the buying sector was a lot more number crunching than expected. I decided that I was better suited to a more varied and customer facing role. I was also keen to get involved with new product development and coming up with ideas that I could see through to fruition.

I love my job because:
It really is different every day. My role is multifunctional and is a combination of selling, buying, and working in partnership with the creative team to produce new products and ideas. I’m a real people person so I love the relationship building side of account management.

…and Giftpoint
The ethos of the company is very unique and not like anywhere else I have worked. It’s almost like being part of a big family and though there is a knuckle-down attitude you are encouraged to have lots of fun and socialise along the way. In fact, the company throws an all-expenses-paid summer and Christmas party which I think is really important. It makes you feel valued and your contribution recognised. I’ve met some life long friends here. It’s hectic, pressured and sometimes outright bonkers, but that’s the charm. You can’t have creativity without a bit of madness!

A typical day means
Being out at meetings with clients and suppliers. You need to almost be like a detective, asking all the right questions and leaving no stone unturned to get the perfect brief and in turn the perfect solution. I find it fascinating getting the inside track on a major campaign and then working out how we can deliver an amazing idea that fits neatly into it.

Favourite project
I really enjoyed working on the Foxy Bingo Million Squid game. The objective was to come up with a large and varied suite of prize ideas that Foxy’s winning customers could choose from. The theme was ‘random fun’ so we needed to incorporate surprise, comedy and intrigue. Winners could receive anything from a wooden spoon to a swanky Bluetooth speaker! This was a pretty comprehensive project because we also orchestrated the logistics and fulfilment of the prizes too so there were a lot of strands to pull together.

Most memorable moment
Last year I visited Bergamot to look at all the leather factories. It was so amazing to see how the product is created from start to finish. It really cemented the life cycle of a bespoke product for me – and that’s something we do a lot here at Giftpoint.

A great account manager needs..
Organisation, thinking outside the box, and forward thinking. No one idea is enough so you have to have an endless stream of great ideas and be a great communicator and good planner.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Well my boss is reading this so hopefully still at Giftpoint! There is genuinely room for growth here and I think your success at Giftpoint is directly proportionate to what you are prepared to invest yourself.

Approachable, driven, talkative, confident and sometimes to my detriment, an over thinker!

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