The Power of Branded Merchandise
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The Power of Branded Merchandise

The Power of Branded Merchandise

Stand still long enough in the open-planned offices of Giftpoint HQ and you might get emblazoned with a logo or embossed with a household brand mark. You see, although our business has evolved dramatically in 25 years to adapt to changing social and economic trends, some things remain unchanged.

One such practice is the art of branded merchandise and it’s got us thinking. Fads come and go. Fidget spinners whip us into a frenzy only to be replaced by surprise eggs and ‘live’ but distinctly plastic pets. PSP’s morph into Switches, mobile phones go 360 where bigger spells better.
And what of branded merchandise? What is the future for all things branded?

Well, sure technology plays its part. The end of wired headphones is nigh and we can foresee a time when we’ll be dealing solely with requests for wireless headsets. The staple USB looks set to stick around for some time yet, but gets smaller in format and bigger in capacity. Drinks bottles follow social trends and go all-out aluminium and beauty gets responsible with increasing pressure to be eco-friendly.

But what about those office and event staples – branded pens, notebooks, standard-fayre mugs, logo’d t-shirts, umbrellas and powerbanks. Well, those are here to stay and there’s a simple reason why. They still work.

Even superbrands with multi-million-pound budgets and every conceiveable media platform at their disposal include branded merchandise in their marketing mix, and to great effect. In an increasingly digital world we seek direct and personal touchpoints with our clients and consumers and branded merchandise can still deliver against this goal.

Regular items like drinks bottles, writing implements and note books are as embedded in our daily routine as our morning coffee and croissant. It’s that daily interaction with a brand that can foster awareness, loyalty and recognition.

Promotional items are also incredibly cost-effective and accessible as an entry-level marketing asset to almost every company and organisation. Branded merchandise, if it’s designed well and thought-out, sticks around. It solves a problem, can be highly functional and practical and therefore provides a purpose.

So next time you’re planning an event or reviewing your annual marketing budget, spare a thought for the simple branded ballpoint, lanyard or keyring. It might not be the blue-sky thinking in your brand strategy but it won’t cost you the earth and can be a highly complimentary strand to your marketing activities.

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